ECDN licences

Q: Do I need a separate ECDN license for a redundant ECDN server deployment?

Yes, you will need a separate ECDN license to deploy a second ECDN server instance.

Note: We recommend that every location have at least two ECDN server instances for redundancy.

ECDN Management Portal

Q: I have a Streaming Manager / Streaming Manager for Enterprise account and login. Can I use the same credentials to login to the ECDN web portal?

No. Today they are separate applications and ECDN requires its own unique login. Your IBM sales representative will create the account that will provide access to the ECDN Management Portal.

Q: How can I add additional logins to my ECDN account?

Please open a support ticket, where you refer to the email address of your existing login credentials.

ECDN servers

Q: What are the file sizes of the ECDN virtual appliance images?

  • VMware ESXi: 0.7 GB
  • Microsoft Hyper-V: 3.2 GB
  • Oracle VM VirtualBox: 0.7 GB

Q: Can I use the same ECDN edge server to support players from two different internal networks (e.g. intranet and guest network)?

Yes. One ECDN edge server can be used to support traffic from multiple internal networks. Just make sure, the player clients have connectivity over these internal networks to the ECDN edge.

Q: What is the recommended configuration for the ECDN edge server virtual appliance?

Configuration for the ECDN edge virtual appliance depends on the number of viewer players clients that are expected to connect.

For more details, see ECDN system requirements.

Q: How many viewers can one ECDN instance support?

The number of viewers one ECDN server instance can support depends on several factors: network connectivity, hardware configuration, number of concurrent video streams and their quality.

For more details, see ECDN system requirements.

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