How many viewers can one ECDN instance support?

The number of users/viewers/player clients one ECDN cache instance can support depends on several factors: network connectivity, hardware configuration, number of concurrent video streams and their quality.

Here’ an example:

Let’s say you want to support 2 live video streams each having a 480p (0.5Mbps) and 1080p (3Mbps) variants. Further lets assume there are equal number of viewers for each of the two stream resolutions.

The minimum recommended ECDN cache instance configuration is: 4 vCPUs, 4GB memory, and 8GB storage.

The inbound Internet bandwidth needed will be: 2 * (0.5Mbps + 3Mbps) = 2 * 3.5Mbps = 7Mbps of bandwidth.

To support 1 viewer at 480p and 1 viewer at 1080p, the outbound bandwidth needed will be 7Mbps + 10% overhead = 7.7Mbps of bandwidth.

If the ECDN cache host hypervisor has 1Gbps NIC, then it can support 258 viewers.

  (1000Mbps total NIC capacity - 7Mbps for inbound bandwidth) /
      (7.7Mbps for 1 viewer at 480p + 1 viewer at 1080p) =
          ~ 129 viewer sets = 258 viewers.

Similarly, if the host hypervisor has 10Gbps NIC, then it can support 2596 viewers.

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