Download the ECDN edge cache virtual appliance image and the configuration .ISO image

In ECDN web portal, after you finish configuring an edge cache, in the last step a popup dialog contains download links for:

  • the virtual appliance image for the hypervisor you picked, and
  • the .ISO file that contains the configuration settings for that particular edge instance.

This is the only time these links are displayed. If you did not download these files and dismissed the dialog, the only way to see the download links is to go through the configuration screens again.

All the edge cache instances use the same virtual appliance image file. In contrast, the .ISO configuration file is unique for each edge cache instance.

On the ECDN edge cache details page, click the Change configuration link to edit the configuration. Click on Next button twice to navigate to the third screen. Click on Generate button to display the download links again.

You have the choice to make any additional changes in the change configuration process. If all you needed were the download links, then just click on the next button and advance to the final step to see the links.

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