ECDN virtual appliance upgrade from version 1.4.x to 2.0.x


Only the following ECDN virtual appliance versions are eligible for incremental upgrades:

  • 1.4.1~20170324+1490356483
  • 1.4.1~20170508+1494260601
  • 1.4.1~20170517+1495018515

Note: All ECDN server instances that are running an older version, will need to be recreated.

Upgrading the ECDN server instances from 1.4.x to 2.0.x requires a collaborative effort between you and the ECDN Support team.

Please follow the steps below.

  1. Update your corporate firewall settings (if required)

    ECDN servers require network connectivity to the ECDN backend services to complete the upgrade. You need to validate this by ensuring that the endpoint is accessible from the intranet network in which the ECDN servers will be upgraded.

    If your company uses firewall whitelisting to control outgoing corporate traffic, request your network administrators to add the ECDN the destination to the allowable whitelist for HTTPS (outgoing port 443) connectivity.

    Note: If you attempt an upgrade without enabling this connectivity, then the upgrade attempts will fail. With such failures, you may require to do a fresh install of the new release, which may take 15+ minutes for each instance + virtual appliance image download times.

  2. Identify a maintenance window

    You have to identify a maintenance window for when ECDN virtual appliances may be upgraded. The updates take approximately 15 minutes per edge instance + download time.

    We strongly recommend customers do the upgrades in at least two phases:

    • Step 1: Upgrade the designated "sandbox" ECDN server instances. When complete, test it and validate there are no regressions. Only then proceed to step 2.
    • Step 2: Upgrade all the "production" ECDN server instances. If you have several server instances, then we recommend you order by importance.

    Example: servers in HQ and major locations may be more important than servers in smaller locations. In this case, you may want to upgrade the smaller locations first. Validate the upgrade, and then proceed with the upgrade of the remaining instances.

  3. Share the maintenance window details with the ECDN Support Team

    The following details are required to prepare for the upgrade:

    • Date and time
    • List of your servers, reflecting the order in which they must be upgraded
  4. Reboot the ECDN server instance(s)

    This ensures a clean starting point.

  5. Confirm to ECDN Support Team that prerequisites have been met

    In order to proceed with the upgrade, let the ECDN Support Team know that firewall ports are open and the ECDN servers have been rebooted.

  6. Wait for the upgrade to be completed by ECDN Support Team

    When the upgrade process has been completed, you will be notified by the ECDN Support Team.

  7. Validate the ECDN server instance(s) after the upgrade

    Check the version number of the edge as seen in the ECDN web portal. It should reflect version 2.0.x. You will be also asked to run a few simple validation tests.

    You can start an actual live broadcast, enable the debug overlay in the player, and visually confirm that the content is being served from the just installed ECDN server instances.

    Note: You will need to start the player from the same location as the ECDN instance.

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