Delivery model

Certain components of the ECDN service are delivered as software running in a cloud-based environment (ECDN Management Portal, ECDN backend services).

Software for ECDN server instances is delivered as a virtual appliance that can run in various server virtualization environments. The virtual appliance can be imported as a disk image into the supported hypervisors: VMware ESXi (OVA file), Microsoft Hyper-V (VHDX file), Oracle VM VirtualBox (OVA file).

System requirements for ECDN server instances

Hardware resources available for the host environment have the following important aspects:

  • Minimum 4 GB memory is required for caching video content on the server. The more memory is available for the host, the larger the cache size will be.
  • Inbound bandwidth limits the number of videos and stream variants that can be watched on a network at the same time.
  • Outbound LAN bandwidth limits the number of viewers that can be served.
Hardware environment Dedicated or shared
Hypervisors VMware ESXi
Microsoft Hyper-V
Oracle VM VirtualBox
Citrix XenServer (coming soon)
OS Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS OS as a virtual machine
CPU Min. 4 CPUs required
Memory Min. 4 GB RAM required
Storage Min. 4 GB disk space required
Network interface Min. 4 GB RAM required
Inbound Internet connection bandwidth The sum of the bandwidths of stream variants

Example: 2 live channels, 480 and 960 stream variants equals 2 * (~400 Kbps + ~1 Mbps) + ~10% overhead = ~3.1Mbps required inbound bandwidth
Outbound LAN connection bandwidth Number of concurrent viewers × stream bitrate + overhead

Example: 500 concurrent viewers, 1 Mbps avg. bitrate equals 500 Mbps + ~10% overhead = 550 Mbps required outbound bandwidth

Number of viewers supported by one ECDN server instance

Outbound LAN bandwidth and available RAM limits the number of viewers that can be served.


Available bandwidth and stream bitrate:

  • The hypervisor hosting the ECDN virtual appliance has a 1GE network interface (1Gbps NIC).
  • You want to support 1 live video stream having a 1080p resolution (3 Mbps bitrate).

Calculation of required bandwidth:

  • Inbound Internet bandwidth: 3 Mbps + 10% overhead = 3.3 Mbps
  • Outbound LAN bandwidth: 3 Mbps + 10% overhead = 3.3 Mbps / viewer
Number of viewers = Total NIC capacity – Inbound bandwidth = 1000 Mbps – 3.3 Mbps = 302
Outbound LAN bandwidth 3.3 Mbps

Note: If the hypervisor has a 10GE network interface (10Gbps NIC), the number of supported viewers scales up to 3,029.

Multiple stream bitrates will modify the result of this calculation:

  • When multiple stream versions are delivered to the server for the same video, that adds to the required inbound bandwidth.
  • If the video players can use the various stream versions that require lower outbound LAN bandwidth, then more viewers can connect to the same ECDN server.

Please also note that when viewers watch various video streams at the same time on the same network, it increases the required inbound bandwidth accordingly.

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