Why am I still seeing ads with my Premium Membership?

Your Premium Membership is tied to your Ustream account. You need to be logged into your account in order to remove ads from the Ad Supported channels that you are watching. Please make sure that you are logged into the Ustream account that you signed up for Premium Membership with, to view streams Ad Free.

In many cases, broadcasts will choose to embed their channel on a website using an iFrame. In these cases, ads will be displayed even for Premium Members. To avoid this, please try watching directly on the Ustream channel, or request the broadcaster insert the embed code for the channel outside of an iFrame.

Your browser may have also cached your login status if you regularly open up a Ustream page with automatic login. This means that your account will appear to be logged in, but your login status will not actually be reflected in our system. Log out of your account, clear your browser's cache, then log back in to your Ustream account.

You can manage your Premium Membership account by logging into your Ustream account and clicking on the Premium Membership Management page. You can find it at


If you are still seeing Ads while logged into your Ustream account and you are a Premium Member, please file a support ticket at


In your ticket, please include a screenshot showing the following:

  • your login status (hover over the dropdown menu)
  • the URL you are viewing the content from
  • the ad playing in the Ustream player

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