How to stream using Ustream Producer

You'll be able to find links to more detailed articles on specific Ustream Producer topics at the bottom of this page, here.

First, download and install Producer if you haven't already. Producer is available as a free download on the Producer page. You can also find a very helpful how-to video on using Producer at an advanced level here.

  1. Open Producer and log in with your Ustream username and password.  
  2. Choose the channel you want to broadcast to, and the resolution you want to stream.  This screen will pop up automatically, but you can always access it again through the Output > Output Settings menu in Producer.  You can also choose to have your stream saved to Ustream by clicking the "Record my broadcasts on Ustream" checkbox in this field.
  3. Producer will automatically recognize your built in webcam, but you can add other video sources through the "+" icon in the layer you are working with.  Hover over the icon, then click the camera icon to add a new source.  You will add external audio sources (such as microphones) in the same manner, using the speaker icon.
  4. Make sure you have the right audio source as part of your shot.  You can do this by clicking the gear icon under the thumbnail of the shot you want to broadcast, and checking 'change audio' .  This will show you a list of available audio sources for your shot.  Select the appropriate one.
  5. You should now be ready to begin streaming.  Click the arrow key in the middle of Producer to make sure any changes to the shot you have made are ready to be taken live, and then click "stream" in the upper left corner of Producer.  The light next to the word 'stream' will turn red to indicate you are live.  Please note that the "record" button to the right is for recording your broadcast onto a local drive, not onto the Ustream platform. Recording to the Ustream platform is done on Producer through the checkbox in the output settings menu that you see when first opening the software.

Here are some articles that deal with more specific topics around Producer:

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