1.  1. Hover over your username in the upper right corner and select Account Settings

  2. Under the Account Settings menu (on the left), choose connections and click 'connect' below to the Youtube logo.  Make sure you are logged into the Google account that is attached to the Youtube channel you want to upload to before doing so.
  3. You will be redirected to a Youtube notification page, asking for permission for Ustream to connect to Youtube.  Click 'Grant Access'.  
  4. Once this is done, go to your Channel Settings > videos tab.  Each video will have a down arrow as an option, which opens a dropdown menu.  You can select the button 'upload to Youtube' to upload this video to your Youtube account.

If your video is longer than 15 minutes, you will need to make sure that your Youtube account is allowed to upload videos longer than that. You can use this guide to help you set this.

Ustream will automatically upload videos to whichever Youtube channel is set as your default channel in Youtube. This can be changed from inside your Youtube account- see here for details.


Highlights and Trimmed videos cannot be uploaded to Youtube or downloaded to your desktop. When you upload a video to Youtube, the entire video will be uploaded, regardless of how the video has been trimmed in the Ustream dashboard.

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