What happens to my videos when I switch from Pro Broadcasting to Basic?

Many of our Pro Broadcasters don't need the full feature set of their Pro Broadcasting account all year long.  They might have a sports season that they want to cover, or a school year.  Although this can be a good way to save on cost, it is important to consider your video storage options when you switch to a Basic account from a Pro Broadcasting account.

For Basic broadcasters, their recorded broadcasts are saved for up to 30 days from the date of the broadcast.  This means that any broadcast that took place more than 30 days ago is subject to deletion from our storage servers.  This is especially important for Pro Broadcasters who are thinking of switching to a Basic plan.  Once your video has been deleted from our servers, we are not able to recover them for you. There are two main ways to ensure that your videos are not lost in this case.

Continue your Pro Broadcasting Subscription

Continuing with your Pro Broadcasting subscription is the best way to make sure that your videos are preserved in the manner you choose.  By staying with Pro Broadcasting, you will be able to keep your branding in place on your videos, and not have to worry with re-embedding videos after downloading.

Switch to the Extended Storage plan

If you plan on not broadcasting for more than 3 months, you may want to consider the Extended Storage plan.  The Extended Storage plan functions much the same as a paused subscription, in that your account will be a Basic broadcasting account but with unlimited storage of your videos.  An Extended Storage account costs $19.99 per month.  You can learn about the Extended Storage plan here.

Download your videos before the end date of your Pro Broadcasting subscription

The first way to preserve your videos is to save them to a local drive.  This is done by simply downloading your videos in either flv format (available to any account holder) or mp4 format (available for our Pro Broadcasters).  You can learn how to download your videos here.

What happened to my videos?

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