How do I broadcast video of myself in addition to gameplay?
By using the PS4 “Eye”, players can broadcast a live video feed of themselves in addition to gameplay. The Eye is sold separately from the PS4 console.
Will my viewers still see ads if I have a Pro Broadcasting subscription?
No, your viewers will enjoy your gameplay without interruption
Is live streaming available for all game titles?
All PS4 games will have the ability to share live game-play; However, publishers can decide to block any portion of the game they don’t want to be seen
Why is the PS4 broadcasting at 540p?
Although Ustream is capable at broadcasting up to 1080p, Sony has chosen the available bitrates for streaming from their platform. Their primary concern is viewability on many platforms, including the PS3.
Can I broadcast to an existing Ustream account?
Yes, you will be able to log into an existing account when you set up your streaming options. Just log into your account and choose which of your channels you would like to broadcast to.
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