Limits on viewers, bandwidth, and storage on free and paid Ustream accounts

Viewer limits

Free accounts

If you have a basic (free) account there is a limit of 50 viewers per country, but no limits on the number of viewer hours used. The cost of streaming on a free account is offset by in-video advertisements.

Pro accounts

If you have a Pro account, there is no physical limit to the number of viewers you can have, but you pay according to how many viewers you have and how long they watch. The number of viewers multiplied by the time they watch is calculated into "viewer hours." To estimate how many viewer hours you need, use our Viewer Hour Calculator on the Pro Broadcasting pricing page. Click on 'View Pro Plans', and you will find the calculator below the feature list.

Bandwidth limits

Ustream does not limit what bandwidth you can broadcast at. However, on free accounts, Ustream does not provide lower bitrate versions of your stream to viewers, so you may want to keep your bitrate reasonable so that viewers on slower connections are still able to watch your stream without any lag. In addition, the higher of a bitrate you broadcast at, the more upload bandwidth you need. As a general rule, we recommend your upload bandwidth to be 2x the bitrate of your stream. Please see our complete encoding settings recommendations.

Video storage limits

Videos for our basic broadcasters are stored for 30 days from the date of the broadcast. There are now new limits to Video Storage in Pro Broadcasting accounts.

50 GB 250 GB 500 GB 5 TB

These video storage limitation changes will only affect new customers who subscribe on or after Monday, January 12th 2015 and for customers who upgrade or downgrade their existing account.


For a complete comparison of plans, please see our Plans and Pricing page

Monthly Plan







50 viewers per country, cost of streaming is offset by in-video advertisements.

Bandwidth limits

No limit, but lower bitrate and multi-bitrate / adaptive streams are not available.

Up to 720p streaming with 240p lower bitrate streams available for viewers.

Up to 720p streaming with 240p lower bitrate streams available for viewers.

Up to 720p streaming with 240p lower bitrate streams available for viewers.

Up to 1080p streaming with up to 3 additional qualities available for viewers.

Recorded Video Storage Allowance

Allowance: videos stored for 30 days maximum for basic broadcasters.






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