On September 9, 2015 Ustream Player V4 will be released. The new Ustream player is lighter, faster, and has a sleeker design. The controls and graphical elements are rendered in HTML rather than Flash so it is the first step towards a full HTML5 desktop player.

Starting on September 9, 2015 the V4 player will be used on Ustream channel pages and will be available for use in embedded players. Newly generated embed codes will contain the latest version of the player. Existing embedded players will not be updated to the latest player automatically, but can be manually updated by following the instructions below.

Updating Embedded Players to the V4 Player

Newly created embed codes will automatically contain the V4 player. In order to get the embed code for the new player:

  1. In the channel settings tab of your Ustream dashboard, choose 'embed'
  2. On the embed tab, choose which element you want to embed- your Ustream player, the Social stream field, or a combination of the two. Click the Create embed button next to the embed type you want.
  3. In the embed screen, choose the parameters you want from the left hand column, then click Copy to clipboard to copy the embed code over to your clipboard. The embed code can now be used in your webpage. You can also see a preview of your embed's size and parameters in the preview field.

Alternately if you want to modify an exsiting embed code without replacing it with a new one, you can find detailed instructions here.

Embed API

The Embed API will work with the new player with no changes needed on the broadcaster side. Broadcasters who created custom players based on the Player RSL (Flash API) will be able to use the current version as the SDK file will continue to be available and maintained.

Overview of the New Player

Bottom control bar

The bottom bar has been simplified by arranging all the controls needed to interact with the video into a single bar.

Old Bottom Control Bar

New Bottom Control Bar

New seekbar

The seekbar is now taller, and much easier to target with the mouse.

Old seekbar

New seekbar

Video title

In embeds, the title of the video being watched is displayed in the player. The title has been moved from the bottom bar to the top left.

Old Title Location

New Title Location

Viewer count

Viewer count on the channel page is displayed below the player. Total views are displayed on recorded videos, current view count and total channel views are displayed on live content.

Old viewer count display

New viewer count display

In an embedded player, the viewer number is displayed under the title.

Old viewer count display (embedded)

New viewer count display (embedded)


Badges were moved to the top right, and the new player only uses badges for live broadcasts or live playlists. Recorded videos will no longer have badges displayed.

Old badge display

New badge display

Ustream logo

The Ustream logo is displayed at the top right, next to the live badge. It is clickable, and leads to the Ustream channel page for that video. Certain Ustream plans allow for the ability to remove this logo.

Custom logos

Certain Ustream plans offer the option to add your own custom logo on the player. These logos now must be placed at the bottom right corner of the player. A logo can no longer be placed in the other corners because all other corners have important components that custom logos would interfere with. Title at the top left, live badge at the top right and notifications at bottom left.

Hidden controls

When a video is being played but not interacted with, all player controls are hidden. This ensures that controls are not bothering a viewer while watching a video.

Responsive Layout

The new player can be embedded in virtually any size, since the UI will adapt to the size of the player. In larger sizes, controls will get slightly bigger, and in small sizes the UI degrades gracefully to ensure that controls remain usable. The default layout is used from 480px width and above, which will cover the vast majority of use cases on desktop:

Under 480px width, the player starts to get too narrow to have all player controls and the seekbar in the bottom bar. Because of this, in sizes below 480px it will fall back to a layout that lets you use player controls conveniently in smaller sizes as well. If size is decreased further, the layout degrades gracefully by hiding features in a reverse priority order.

Sharing from channel page

Sharing options have been removed from the player and now display only on the channel page, below the player.

Old sharing layout

New sharing layout

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